Qi-certified Wireless Charging

360-degree Speakers with Sound by JBL®

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The Modern Outdoor Accent Table

Suntable is a solar-powered, wireless charging table with built-in, 360-degree, Bluetooth speakers. This smart end table not only offers outdoor storage surfaces but also a constant source of renewable energy to power devices and play music.

Step Outside and Recharge

Suntable harnesses the power of the sun to elevate your entertainment experience. Use solar energy to charge your mobile devices wirelessly or by USB. Plus, enjoy 360-degree speakers with Sound by JBL® while your phone stores safely on the shaded shelf.

Discover Suntable's Smart Solutions.

Through advanced technology, Suntable combines several ergonomic features in one contemporary design.

Tabletop Solar Panels

Equipped with a built-in battery, Suntable can fully charge after about four hours in the sun or via a charging port for use indoors.

Inductive and USB Charging

With both cordless and USB-charging capabilities, you’ll be able to easily power any device with Suntable.

Speakers with Sound by JBL®

Easily connect your device and listen to beautiful audio dispersion through Suntable’s built-in, 360-degree speakers with Sound by JBL®.

Shaded Shelf Protects Phones

Suntable features a shaded shelf to prevent your phone from overheating while it’s wirelessly charging.

Easy to Assemble and Use

After the straightforward assembly process, just place Suntable in the sun or plug into an outlet to listen, charge and enjoy.

Elegant Yet Durable Design

With its contemporary design, Suntable’s round, glass-top construction not only pleases the eye but is also splash proof.

" makes life just a little bit better. And really, what higher praise can you give a gadget?"

“The Suntable is squeezing the right amount of tech into an outdoor table.”

“It’s a smart design accessory, priced accessibly to complement the outdoor or indoor life experience . . . "

Suntable is here to help.

Whether you’re on a small balcony, a backyard patio, a pool deck, at a remote cabin, by the beach or even, indoors, Suntable is the solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Suntable is made to live outdoors for three seasons and can be easily stored inside during colder months. We recommend storing the top portion indoors through the winter season in regions that experience snow. 

Suntable is splash-proof, can tolerate rainfall and is meant to live outdoors for three seasons. It is not built to be submerged in water and should be stored indoors during the winter in locations that experience snow.

The speakers are 20 watts, splash-proof and include Bluetooth, JBL Connect and an auto-off mode. Please note that the auto-off mode only pertains to the speakers. The inductive charger will continue to work even if the speakers are off.

Yes, you can connect multiple Suntables to one phone via the link functionality.

If you are connected to multiple Suntables, you may not be able to distinguish between them in your phone’s “Paired/My Devices” list in bluetooth settings. To help you identify each one, unpair or forget all “ShadeCraft” entries in the list. Any newly available Suntable will now appear under “Availalbe/Other Devices”.

Suntable’s solar top is made up of multiple panels. Covering one section of the tabletop will allow the other sections to continue charging. The tabletop should not be covered completely. It is recommended to clear the tabletop while not in use to achieve maximum charging efficiency.

Yes, the inductive charger and USB port can provide simultaneous charging for two separate devices.

If a Qi compliant device is not charging wirelessly:

(A) Slightly move the device around to ensure the position of the charging antenna is aligned properly between Suntable and the device.

(B) Make sure the device’s protective case does not contain a large area of metal. Charging will not begin if Suntable detects any metal that is not a part of charging system.

(C) Make sure the distance between the charging platform and device is less than 1⁄4”. If the device’s protective case is too thick, remove it before charging.

Yes, once Suntable is powered on, those lights will remain on and blue. The lights draw next to no power from the battery. Much like the light on your TV indicating that it is plugged into a power source, these lights indicate that the table has power. If you prefer to have them off, you may disconnect the battery, but it is not necessary for the longevity of your device.

Proudly Utilizing Clean Energy

Beyond the surface, Suntable not only provides a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience, but it also helps the planet. Whether you’re charging devices or playing music, feel good about using the most abundant clean energy resource available, the sun.