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Suntable is a solar-powered table that enhances any outdoor space.

Suntable provides a convenient place to power and store your devices, a surface to serve as a small table, and built-in Bluetooth speakers with Sound by JBL® for never-ending music.

Easy to assemble, just place Suntable outside to listen, charge and enjoy.

Suntable includes:

  • Solar panels that fully charge after 4 hours in direct sun or via charging port
  • Inductive and USB charging that powers devices with solar energy
  • Sound by JBL®, a 360-degree speaker system that easily connects to Bluetooth
  • A shaded shelf that wirelessly charges and shields devices from the sun
  • Minimalistic design that’s splash-proof and resilient to rain
  • External charger for indoor use

Dimensions: 26 ¾” H x 17” W 

Product Weight: 24 lbs 

Solar Panel: 17” in diameter 

Sound by JBL: Splashproof wireless Bluetooth streaming 

Solar Cover: Polycarbonate with UV protection additive 

Includes: Certified lithium-ion battery, external charger for indoor use 

Boxed Product Dimensions: 19” x 18” x 19” 

Boxed Weight: 28.5 lbs

Suntable is here to help.

Whether you’re on a small balcony, a backyard patio, a pool deck, at a remote cabin, by the beach or even, indoors, Suntable is the solution.